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Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheers to 8 Years!

This past weekend, Jeremy and I had a nice, little getaway to celebrate our 8th anniversary. Our anniversary actually will fall 1 week from tomorrow so we celebrated a little early. On Thursday, my parents came to our house and once Jeremy was off of work and the truck was loaded, we headed off to San Antonio. We arrived late, checked into our hotel and fell fast asleep. Well, Jeremy fell fast asleep and for some reason I was an insomniac that night. Even at 2am, I kept thinking to myself, oh well. I can't fall asleep but at least I can sleep in as late as I want tomorrow. Wrong! I was awake by 7am. Weird. But I did sleep well the other 2 nights. The weekend was relaxing and alot of fun. It was a combination of things that interest us both individually and other things that we both enjoy together. And of course, lots of dinners out (fabulous Tex-Mex!) and just some great, quality time together. The weather was nice and mild. Gotta love south Texas in every season, except summer. The weekend was pretty much perfect. We had some great conversations including things like: goals for the coming year, our plans for future adoptions, Santa Clause :) and then many things in between. We are looking forward to what's ahead for us. And I think during our time away we even created some new dreams for ourselves. We returned home last night rested, relaxed and ready to see our boys. And here some highlights from our 3 days in San Antonio. First stop, The Natural Bridge Caverns.
See how excited I am to be going? Well, I'm faking it. This little adventure was Jeremy's pick. And since Jeremy took about 40 pictures, I will show you a few.

After an afternoon of history and science, we went back to the hotel, cleaned up and headed to downtown for dinner, here:
And because we are so "thrifty" (some might call us cheap), we didn't really eat dinner at the Tower of Americas. We headed to the lounge during happy hour and enjoyed $5 drinks and appetizers. I thought it would be a fun place to eat and enjoy a nice view of the city. But we didn't want to pay $40-60/plate, so we went the happy hour route and it was perfect. Afterwards, we walked down by the Riverwalk, which is a magical little place at night. The live music, the twinkling lights, the crowds, the restuarants, the river boats. I love it! Which is why we spent the entire next day there. So Saturday, after sleeping in, we headed back downtown. First we went to visit the Alamo. How do you go to San Antonio and NOT visit the Alamo?! Jeremy brushing up on his Texas history facts.
We ate a huge lunch at Mi Tierra's, which was my favorite restaurant of the weekend. We did a little shopping from the vendors on the streets. I bought a cute little yellow and black plaid military hat, that I think I left in the hotel room. Somehow, I didn't get home with it. Bummer. We rested our feet by watching a movie. And then in the early evening we headed back outdoors to the Riverwalk. And as soon as darkness set in, we headed for the Riverboat tours. Jeremy wanted to ride the river boats once it was dark. I'm pretty sure that was so he could put the moves on me. ;)
And this was our tour guide, Jake. Quite possibly one of the funniest guys ever. See for yourself at the blonde lady cracking up at his jokes.We had dinner at Casa Rio, which was recommended by my parents, my sister and Jake, the tour guide. We pretty much cleaned our plates. As a random sidenote: did you know I spent some years living in San Antonio? From the ages of 1-3. As you would imagine, I don't remember anything about it.
After a fun day in downtown San Antonio, we called it a night. Sunday we started making our way back home. But we first stopped and spent several hours at the San Marcos Outlets. Well, it was us and half of the country of Mexico. Apparently, today is Mexico's Independence Day. So many people from Mexico were vacationing right along with us. I'm not sure what a typical Sunday at those outlet malls look like, but the lines were out the whazoo. There were a few times that I told Jeremy that it wasn't worth the wait. But since he is a hardcore shopper (not exactly), we waited out the lines. And lucky for us we did because we got some matching Puma's (even though they are far from matching)! Buy 1, get 1 60% off!
Cute. What better way to end our anniversary celebration than with matching (or not so matching) Puma's. :)


Room For More said...

How fun! I'm glad you guys got to sneak away and enjoy each other!

The Neaves' said...

Sounds like you guys Had a wonderful weekend! Happy {early} anniversary!!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

You crack me up! I'm so glad you had a great time!

And...uh...pretty much all you need to know about the time you spent in San Antonio as a child is that you spent most of it naked. Every memory I have of you in San Antonio you are wearing only a most. Yep, naked...that about sums it up.

The Skains Family said...

Sounds perfect. Congrats to you guys!

everyday graces said...

What a wonderful weekend! Happy Anniversary! You & J are such a cute couple! Love the "matching" pumas ;-) Stephen and I were going to get new sneakers for our anniv but we never got around to it. Still waiting... :-)

The Myers said...

Yea! How fun! So glad y'all had a good time. Love your matching shoes. :)

Lindsey said...

Happy Anniversary, Melodie and Jeremy! How nice, that you were able to get away and relax and have some fun. :)

The Stanphill Family said...

Congrats guys! I cant believe it has been 8 years, seems like months ago! Next get away you need come to Tn and bring the boys, we will host!