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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a good read.

This week I read Fields of the Fatherless by Tom Davis. It's an easy, quick read. Rarely can I finish a book in a week. I just can't devote all my spare time to reading. It had been mentioned on some blogs that I follow and so I purchased it without knowing much about it. Though the title itself sounds heavy towards adoption, that wasn't the meat of the book. There was 1 chapter on adoption. And he mentioned some statistics that most of you don't care to read. {143million orphans worldwide. Which that number has risen to 163million today. 2.1billion Christians. If 7% of those Christians adopted, there would be no orphans.} That type of stuff. But the book was a challenge to live with compassion. To look outside for those that are hurting and struggling. To share our time, resources and the hope that we have with those around us. It makes you think. Evaluate your life. How your'e spending your time and resources. I recommend it. Everytime I picked up the book to read, I read this from the back cover over and over and over again.
"Real joy is not always found in obvious places. Instead it hides in corners, waiting to be discovered when we sacrifice our desires for God's desires."
I love those words. Click here to for the author's blog.

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