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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent activities, days 1-3

We have begun our fun Advent activities. The boys love taking turns opening the doors each morning and pulling out a piece of paper. Then I get to read to them what our extra bit of fun will be for the day. Last year Holden had this all to himself. Pax participated some, but since he was only 1, it was mainly for Holden. I love that this year they are both involved and they are able to enjoy the fun together. December 1 - They each opened a present. I just wrapped up their Christmas jammies. I've said it before, but Holden loves clothes. And Pax might just be catching that fever. So some kids might have been disappointed to see jammies in the box. But not my boys. And once they realized they were MATCHING jammies . . . well that was even more fantastic.This is the best picture I could get of them in their jammies. Pax isn't the most cooperative. He likes to ham it up for the camera, but won't sit still in doing so. So he's normally just a blur. :)

December 2 - This day was all about candy canes. I read the boys this book that I found here.
It was the perfect book. As I read the story, they colored a red and white candy cane. And then they got to enjoy a little miniature one. Pax ended up throwing his away because he's just not that into sweets and sugar. And Holden ended up whining for more and more all day long! He is quite the opposite.
Decebmer 3 - This evening we braved the rain and did a little shopping. It's something our church is involved in, to gather some necessities and wants for others. And based on my boys ages (2 and 3), we were to choose gifts for adults. From the list, we decided on some kitchen gadgets. I did let the boys make the choices. And I know they don't really understand this part very well yet. I just hope that giving is something they continue to see and one day have a heart for. Hopefully these little gifts can be a blessing to someone's kitchen.And the Jesse tree is going well . . .
I'm not even moving the ornaments when the boys put them all in the same area. :) I've cut out the images we need as the ornaments this year. But I have 1 year to search for the real deal and that's my plan. Next year I should have real ornaments and not paper images. I've only found 3 so far, which means I have something like 22 more to go. I'm not exactly sure how easy it will be to find a (cheap!) camel ornament (among other crazy ones I'm looking for), but I'll try . . . and then improvise if necessary.


DeBrady said...

I just looked up the Jesse tree..I had never heard of that before! I love the idea!! I looked on etsy...and they have several options for the ornaments if you are interested. Your boys are so precious!!

will + adri said...

Wonderful traditions! I need to find an advent calendar so we'll have it for years to come! I love the Christmas jammies! Daxton's are being shipped as we speak!