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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Checking off my list

I know I've mentioned that things are busy these days, but we can't let our little family traditions just fall to the wayside this year. So we are finding moments to relax and do the fun things that we love to do with our little boys.

Christmas lights tour - check
Holden said, "Oh wow!" many times during out little look-y of the Christmas lights. Here he is, in his jammies and hoodie, seeing all the neighborhood lights.
Picture with Santa - check
I wondered if Holden would be scared. Not at all. He wasn't high-fiving Santa or anything (though he did the friendly elves), but there were no tears. As you might notice, not much of a smile either. But I was grateful that he sat for the picture. Paxton, on the other hand, hammed it up in that sleigh. He was giving all sorts of smiles. Not sure why they didn't catch one on film. :( And here is a picture of our picture. Tour de house - check
We introduced the boys to their new home. And we are so ready to be there. 2 more days! We showed them their new rooms. Holden especially likes his ceiling fan, as is the case of any room he's ever been in. Unfortunately, Paxton slept through his tour. Apparently, Santa Clause wore our baby out!Christmas card picture taken - check
It's about time, I know! And we realized a few days ago that our tripod was in storage. Sooooooo, we had to get creative. This one didn't make the cut for the actual card!Nor did this one . . .But I feel both pictures represent my life well right now, as a stay-at-home mom. Go ahead and laugh. :) It's getting a bit easier every day.

New Christmas ornament purchase - check
It's a little tradition Jeremy and I have had through our marriage, purchasing a new ornament for one another. Now we purchase an ornament for each of our kids. This year, Holden's is an airplane, since it's been his new obsession lately. And we found this cute little guy for Paxton. You may have read on my blog last year that I was trying to diversify some of our Christmas decor so that it looked more like my family. This is a great one at Hallmark for those of you that might be interested. Jesus gift purcashed - check
Last year, Jeremy and I started a tradition of a Jesus gift. Everyone in our family receives a Jesus gift. Something to point us back to our purpose for this holiday. Jeremy and I got one another devotionals last year for this gift. And we bought Holden 2 books about the meaning of Christmas. This year, the boys are receiving the Veggie Tales nativity set! Oh how exciting. It is super cute! On that same post I referred to earlier, I complained about not finding the right nativity set. And ashamedly, I admit, I am still without. Even with the suggestions I was given last year, I still can't find what I've been looking for. I'm not wanting a nativity that looks like me OR my boys. I'm just wanting one that looks more realistic. And so, I continue my search. But if they are all going to be blonde haired, blued-eyed baby Jesus', then he might as well be a baby carrot! I am so excited about this gift. I think we might break it out when we decorate for Christmas. (Which just happens to be this Friday night!!! This is one of my most favorite days of the year!)

First egg nog consumption of the season - checkDon't be disgusted with me, but I love me some Egg Nog! Now, I can only drink about 6oz. in 1 sitting, but I love that thick-sweet-dairy-whatever it is-beverage. And it has officially found it's way into my fridge for the first time this season. Anyone want to join me in a toast? Jeremy can't stand the stuff. (though he's never tasted it.)

Still on the To Do list:
Move into our house
Decorate for Christmas
Figure out our Christmas schedule - ugh!!
And many other things that I'm sure that I'm forgetting . . .


Rebekah said...

Love the traditions! I'll have to look for that Hallmark ornament. I was lamenting that they only had white ones because they are so cute. Now that I know there's a black one out there, I'll have to go look for it.

We live near the world's largest Christmas store (seriously, the world's largest), so we got an ornament for Michelle there this year. It wasn't a baby's first Christmas, but it is a cute black angel. Last year they only had one or two, and the one we called the demon angel because it was that disturbing. They also had adoption ornaments, so my in-laws picked one of those up for her and got it personalized.

I have a friend that makes nativity sets out of polymer clay, and next year she's making us a custom one. It's probably too late to get one for Christmas, but I can pass along her information if you'd like.

We've been planning on celebrating Kwanzaa sometime soon. Is that something you guys are going to do too? I'm trying to find someone else who is to get ideas to make it toddler friendly.

Laura said...

I used to say I hated egg nog too (and I had never tried it either!), and I think it's just because of the name of it. Who wants to drink something with the word "egg" in it. My husband loves it though and drinks a ton of it around the holidays, so I very reluctantly tried it one year, and I can now say I'm a fan. Just tell Jeremy to think of it as melted ice cream, because that's basically what it tastes like to me!

Melodie said...

ah Laura, such good advice, if Jeremy were NORMAL. which you probably know he has some quirks. he would NEVER eat melted icecream. he won't drink shakes. crazy boy! it's all about texture to him. so he will just have to miss out on egg nog and all the other wonderful, creamy things out there. more for us, i suppose. and can i say 'good for you for trying things!' he has a 2 year old's mentality when it comes to food. oh well. :)

The Coopers said...

i love this post! i did start laughing at your pictures but i bet you found the perfect one and can't wait to see it!

Jordan & Angela said...

Very cute pics, and I love the Veggie Tales nativity. I've been searching for a nativity also for several years, and I LOVE eggnog. Have you tried the eggnog latte from Starbucks?

Melodie said...

that's the 2nd time this week (and it's only monday) that someone has mentioned to me about starbuck's egg nog latte. it's fate. i'll order one soon.

Amanda said...

We are an egg nog drinking family...that's just the way it is. I love it, too...and it's been in my fridge pretty much non stop since mid November. Yeah. I'm that committed.

everyday graces said...

Your list sounds a lot like my list. I buy ornaments for the kids each year. This year Colin picked out a Star Wars ornament from Hallmark. Nothing says Merry Christmas like Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka :-) I also bought a nativity set this year. They had the Little People on sale at Mardel so we went with that one but the Veggie Tales is adorable. Kate loves it and plays with the camel and baby Jesus daily.
I would love to join you in a toast with some eggnog. Here's to a Merry Christmas and to God's lovingkindness (raising my glass and taking a sip)!Oh and if you're on the lookout for an incredible devotional I highly recommend Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Robin said...

I haven't checked in with your blog in a while. Congrats again on the addition of Paxton. Your family is just beautiful.

Melinda said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Aubrey said...

Merry Christmas!! Love your traditions! I hope you have a wonderful Texas Christmas! Your babies are adorable and growing so quickly! We miss you!