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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The halls have been decked!

Last night was a fun one! It was the night where we decorate the Christmas tree as a family. Even pre-kids, Jeremy humored me each and every year, by allowing me make a big deal of it. It's a tradition from my own family that I'm carrying on. (And so are my sisters.) Jeremy has always participated 100%, which I appreciate. Yesterday, I spent some time during the boys naps decorating the mantel and putting up the other Christmas decorations around the house. So after our fun dinner (we eat differently on decorating-the-tree-night), all we had left to do was unwrap and hang the ornaments. The boys really got into helping hang the ornamnets and only broke one glass ball in the process. Here is a glimpse into our fun.
Finishing up dinner. I'm going to link some recipes below that might be worth trying out. We tried out some new things and really liked them.
Holden checking out his sock monkey ornamnet that his buddy Lyndon gave him. When I pulled it out of the box and handed it over to him, he pressed it up against his cheek. This boy is crazy about his sock monkey.
They took their jobs of hanging ornaments very seriously. :)
I was there too. :)
As was Jeremy.
The completed project. I love putting it all up and I'm never ready to take it all down once the holiday is over.
And here are the new recipes I tried out on my family last night. I've always liked chicken salad, but after trying this new recipe, I love it. It tasted like a chicken salad you would order at a cafe. It was soooo good. We also had these little guys. I'll definitely be making those again. And the last new recipe I tried was Cinnamon Roll Cake. I'm just going to be honest and tell you it looked and sounded better than it tasted. At least to me. It tasted good. Just not fantastic. And if I'm making a dessert that calls for 3 STICKS OF BUTTER, then it needs to taste fantastic. Holy smokes! I didn't realize it required so much butter until I was already in the process and there was no turning back. We did throw some fresh veggies and hummus in the mix, but for the most part, it wasn't healthy eating last night.


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

I especially love j and Pax's faces!!! LOoks like a wonderful night!!

Kristie said...

Your house looks great! Glad you liked that chicken salad recipe- it really is the best!

Chassidy said...

These are great!!! I'm super excited to try the chicken salad "secret" ingredient!

hawaiitom said...

wow! I am thinking about starting a praise & worship team called "Blessed Beyond Measure" and so I was searching it and came upon your blog.

How cool...just seeing it shared a blessing with me this Christmas...that is really cool!

THought I'd comment to say thank you for being an inspiration....especially to the boys.