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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to Texas, ALDI!

That's right ALDI Food Market has made it's way to Texas. Well, to the DFW area at least and that is what's important for us. The best part is our new ALDI is just 2 miles from my house. I used to drive about 20 minutes for this place. Now it takes me about 1 minute! Not that the 20 minute drive wasn't worth the savings, but it's just so convenient now. And this season of my life needs every convenience that life can offer. So the Grand Opening was about 2 weeks ago and I made my first shopping trip soon after.

Let me tell you a bit about these stores. I've always called it the dollar store of grocery stores. Okay some of you just stopped reading, but for those hanging on, let me tell you more. It's a small store and so you probably won't find everything you need. Instead of 20 types of pasta, they may carry 4. The produce is limited because they purchase as close to home as possible and buy only seasonal produce. This is actually a more natural and healthy way to eat, so I am all for that. Next best thing to a farmer's market, right? Maybe not even close, but definitely a similar idea. So you arrive at the store with your quarter. You put your quarter in the cart to get in unlatched. When you return you cart to leave, your quarter pops back out. So they don't hire cart collectors and it saves them some money. They don't bag any of your groceries. They remove them from your cart, scan them and place in a new cart (that, of course, has a quarter hanging out of it). You can buy reusable ALDI bags for 10 cents. They aren't fabric bags, but more like department store bags. I have 5. They are large, so that is enough to handle my groceries. I leave my bags in my trunk and bag my groceries as I pack them into the car. They don't pay for baggers, which saves them money. So with their money savings, you save a ton! For instance you can buy a carton of blueberries, strawberries or raspberries (when in season) for 99cents. That's unheard of, people! I was in Target today and saw strawberries for $4.50. I bought a fresh pineapple for 99cents (back to ALDI, not Target). A box of cereal was $1.50. I think the kettle cooked chips are around $1. Just trying to give you some ideas. I'm not a big price-watcher/comparer. But this place is crazy cheap so you definitely notice. ALDI won't have your Pampers (you diaper snobs) or your Jolly Green Giant (you green bean snobs). They have their own brands and I have been really pleased. And to really put me over the edge, just last weekend a friend gave me a few ALDI diapers to try on Holden. (Thank you Daysha!) And now I am sold. I was using Luvs. I tried other generic types but sometimes they are like wrapping cardboard around your baby. The ALDI diapers are soft like Luvs, Pampers, Huggies and leakproof. At least for us. So my next diaper purchase will be from ALDI. Pretty exciting, huh! I mean, people, your baby is just going to poop and pee (mom is going to be so mad that I just said pee) in them and then you trash it. No need for golden diapers.

And there is my plug for ALDI. I'm pretty pasionate about this place. I would guess that it can easily cut your grocery bill in half. You might have to make a stop at your normal store for a few things from your list, but for the most, it has what you need. Click here for the website to see if there is one in your area.


everyday graces said...

Gosh between you, Day, and Lauren I'm starting to be convinced although I am a green bean snob! :-P

Daysha said...

You really should get paid for this advertisement. It's perfect!! Unbeatable!!!

Amber you crack me up. Give in give in!!

sarah s said...

they are opening a store with in walking distance of my house, i have been to one before in Arkansas with my grandma but I will have to give it a try here

Sara said...

Okay, I echo Amber on, Lauren, and Daysha all sing it's praises so much that I may have to give it a try. I admit, I am a name brand grocery snob on 80% of what I buy. I will let you know my Aldi rating soon, grocery shopping is on the agenda for this coming weekend.

Lindsey said...

Wow! Interesting, fascinating. You might be causing my die-hard H-E-B love to tremble just the slightest.

I haven't heard a thing about Aldi coming down here, but I guess anything is possible! I like the cart and bagging ideas (although it sounds like a lot of work for me b/c I always have to shop with all 4 kids).

I think it's funny that your mom cares about "pee" but I suppose not "poop"? hehe *Hi Melodie's Mom!* :D