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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

30th Birthday Bash!

I probably shouldn't call it a bash. I'm just not the birthday bash type. Small, low-key, a few close friends and family. That's all I really wanted. Jeremy asked me what I would like to do and who I would like to be there. I threw out an option and listed a few of the closest people in my life. He ran with it. Planned, organized, emailed and phoned. He made all arrangements. It was kind of late notice (4 days) because that's just how my husband works. He's quite the procrastinator. But MUCH to my surprise, EVERYONE on the list was able to make it. People very dear to my heart! 16 total. They were all sitting around 1 table. It was refreshing and almost felt like a reunion in some ways. And to be with people that know me and know me down deep. It was a blessing to spend Friday night with these friends and family. We met for dinner at a Mexican restuarant that I love. For some reason, I just knew it wouldn't feel like my birthday without guacamole and maybe a margarita. So Mexican food it was. It was delicious, but the company was even better.

After dinner a handful of us (whoever was up for a late night) went to 4 Day Weekend. You might remember that I absolutely love this place. We have gone several times now and it always leaves me laughing til my cheeks hurt. This time Jeremy tweaked it so that the comedians ended up singing a song about me turning 30 and becoming an "old hag." Nice surprise. But once again, they put on a show that amazed me. It's improv and they use the audience for input. So you just wonder how they are so funny, so quick. No script. They write songs as the music starts to play. It's an amazingly funny place that I recommend to EVERYONE. Okay, I think I just said funny 10 times. You get my point. I hoping to get free tickets with my advertisement. :)

We landed home around 12:30am. Jeremy had hidden an icecream cake from Marble Slab in our freezer. It was cake batter icecream, which is my favorite. So with my parents, we enjoyed some cake right before bed.

The next day, I spent alot of time running some errands alone. I would be driving down the road and break into a smile or start to giggle. I couldn't stop thinking about the show from the night before. My 30th celebration was by far my best birthday ever. I know that sounds extreme, but it's the truth.

Oh, dear friends, thanks for coming and celebrating with me (even at late notice, finding a sitter, some of you driving an hour or more for dinner). I must have at least 1,000 memories with each of you. And it made for a very special night that you shared one more.

the dinner crowd

the girls before 4 Day

and everyone should have a cake!


everyday graces said...

Welcome to Thirty, Flirty & Thriving :-)

Phyllis said...

We had a great time. So good to see you. Glad you had fun!