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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet friends!

Jeremy and I spent the weekend with some very dear friends. I didn't even realize how much we needed the time with them until they arrived and our fun began. We are blessed to have them in our lives. Blessed to have their openess, honesty, sense of humor, love for our boys and the way they understand our hearts. And now we are blessed to be alot closer to them since our move back to Texas. Since November we have been able to see them more frequently. But we all wanted a solid weekend together for golf, shopping, games and chatting around the table. So Josh and Amanda made the trip to our house on Friday night. On Saturday, the boys played golf (in the rain, because that doesn't stop them). Later that day, Amanda and I shopped without children (in the rain, because that doesn't stop us). And both nights from 7:30 on we played the ever-so-addictive marbles game. Saturday night I was kind of wishing they could stay the entire week. :) But what a fun and comfortable weekend we had! Friends, we needed this! Thanks for making the time and spending it with us!

Josh with his hands full!

Me and my sweet friend! Soooooooooooo thankful!

Miss Camryn and Pax all ready for church!


The Skains Family said...

Aw, how fun!

The Nanny Family said...

Awww... There's nothing like old friends. (Not that any of us are old!)

The Myers said...

Awe! Thanks again for having us over. We had such a great time and we love y'all soooo much.