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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday!

Sunday was a wonderful day. We went to our favorite church (since we are still church hunting). Worship began and I couldn't get a particular couple out of my mind. I think I might have been vicariously worshiping through them as the service began. They have been drug through alot recently. Sin crept in and could have destroyed something great. But God restores and I have been blessed to just begin watching what He is going to do. (Watching from afar . . . very afar since I don't actually know them.) And so I knew they were worshipping that morning and celebrating forgiveness like never before. It brought me much joy to think about them and remember how God washes it all away. White as snow, once again. That thought kept popping into my head. I couldn't help but smile. And then after the first song was finished, God gently reminded me of my sin. That I'm just as messy. Just as dirty. And just as much in need of his death, ressurection and forgiveness. He was sacrificed for me. And watching someone else's story as Easter came closer this year, was a good reminder of why Jesus came in the first place. I think I needed that reminder. So basic, I know. But I was still in need of the lesson.
After church we headed home for a quick lunch and then naps (for all of us, actually). Then we headed to my sister's house for egg hunting and dinner. It was fun for Holden to share in this with his cousins. A few pictures from our day . . .

Easter morning in our first ever matching anything! I've never matched the boys. But here they are in matching PJ's. One of my favorite pictures ever. Matching is cute. I like it! Holden sat still because we bribed him with candy. Also, in the rest of the picutres with Holden - same story. Holden earned lots of candy on Easter Sunday. Aren't they really cute boys? I can hardly take my eyes off of them!

Pax shows off his goodies!

Holden is pretty excited about his candy.

A dose of sugar right before we send him to the church nursery. We're considerate people in that way. :)

Pax playing his sporty ducks.

Holden on the egg hunt. He would pick up an egg, throw it on the concrete to crack it open and then move on to the next victim. Not sure if he thought they were balls or if he was just being a toot. Eventually he got the hang of the game. I never even considered practicing for this event. Maybe I should have thought of that.

Holden and daddy playing with lots of toys.

Cam and Holden being silly boys.

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The Coopers said...

Glad you guys are close now and can do this with us! love you all!