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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Eggs!

Today during Paxton's nap, Holden and I dyed Easter eggs. Part of me thinks that I should have somehow included Paxton in our festivities. But the other part of me remembers the mess that was made with just Holden and I. So I can't imagine a 7 month old in the mix. So Pax did get left out of our little project. But the Easter Bunny will be paying him a visit even though he's not yet mobile for an egg hunt yet. We'll make it up to him.
Right before things got messy.Holden is never one to sit and observe. He has to be in on the action. So I just let the mess happen. It made him happy to continually DUNK his hand in the mugs and pull out an egg while splashing dye everywhere. Notice the drippy hand. Fresh from the mug.
A view of our little mess. Don't worry, it got worse.
Sweet boy. Too bad I had to tickle him to get this grin.

And the completed project.

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