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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photo Session - Take 16

Yesterday I made a trip to The Children's Place and just happen to notice a sign on the front window that said "50% off all sale prices". That quickly caught my attention even though I was only stopping in to make a quick exchange. So I ended up walking out with matching shirts for the boys. I was trying not to be completely matchy-matchy and I was going to get different colors of the same shirt. BUT, the sizes of my 2 boys were only available in put-on-your-sunglasses-orange. And so I went with it because they were so darn cheap! And I like cheap! So today they sported their new shirts and similar camo shorts as we strolled through the aisles of Target. They looked cute. And later, I decided to get a picture of these two boys. Wow! By the end of it, my heart was racing and I was a little warm. It felt like I had just done an aerobic workout. Who knew it could be so hard to get them to both look at the camera and somewhat smile at the same time.

This was actually my first picture. Even though Holden looks like he sees a ghost, I should have just stopped there.
This is the silly Holden that not everyone gets to see. Only the privaledged get to see this side.
Paxton looks so much like his birth mother in this picture. They are smiling because I did my fake sneeze. For some reason, my fake sneeze always makes them laugh.
Okay, beware. Paxton starting to get overwhelmed.
And now he's done. The reason he just melted was actually my fault. I completely freaked him out when I was yelling "boogily, boogily". Just trying to make them laugh and instead made my little guy just as frightened as can be! But look at those bottom teeth!
My passionate-about-everything-boy! But who doesn't love passion! Just look at that face. I fear that he might be a heart-breaker!

Ah! Sweetness!

It's funny. Really, really funny! But the not so funny part is that on Saturday Jeremy is going to take pictures of the boys. Real pictures, like the kind we want to frame around our house and share with our family. We TRY to do this instead of paying an arm and a leg for the photographers that we would like to use. And I even bought new outfits for the boys. We have the camera and the editing tools and Jeremy did such a good job with Holden's 1 year pictures last year. But Holden wasn't quite walking at that point. And now he is running (sometimes away from us). And I'm not sure that we should even attempt the sweet brother shots, but I really want those. It might be mass chaos. And I'm pretty positive there is no chance of a family shot, since Jeremy is the photographer and he IS a pretty big part of the family. Oh well, wish us luck. We truly are going to need it!


The Skains Family said...

I totally understand the aerobic workout of taking pictures by yourself of two little ones. It's not quite as bad as it once was, but geez louise that's a tough one! Now I just bribe with fruit snacks! Great mommy, I know.

Melodie said...

well, i had an animal cracker in my hand. it didn't seem to stop holden from turning his head every time i made him laugh. goodness! what to do!

everyday graces said...

Ah memories! Just remember it matters not what age they are, cooperation is not an option! It just doesn't happen. I have to do some major bribing with Colin. Be on the lookout for my photo sesh :-)

The Coopers said...

oh my goodness!! i love the first one of pax and the next ones of holden! so cute and funny!! love those boys!