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Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm coming to you again for some suggestions. Holden and I get a good 2 hours of one-on-one time most mornings during Paxton's nap. Holden needs this time with me. He thrives when I take advantage of opportunities to pour into him. I assume most children do. So I have been trying to be intentional with this small window of time each morning. This past week we have been doing some new and fun things for him. One morning we played with sidewalk chalk. He enjoyed coloring on the concrete and even coloring some on his legs.

Another day we "painted with water". I think my sister suggested this last summer. He loved it then and did so well with dipping his paint brush and wiping/sprinkling it on the concrete. This time it began as art and ended up becoming more like an outdoor shower for us. No harm in that. I'll probably really be appreciating moments like these in July and August when it feels like we're melting.

It began all nice and neat like this . . .

And quickly became this splash-fest. . . This face in the picture above truly captures Holden's personality! All excitement, all of the time. When I actually take 2 whole minutes to plan something simple, we don't have as many issues like this . . .
Oops. He got into mommy's lipstick during that 2.7 seconds that I turned my back. Not a bad color for him and at least he went for the correct area of the face? Not sure his daddy would see this as a positive though.

So what are some fun activities that entertain your kids that my almost 2 year-old (wow!) Holden might enjoy?


Kaitlin said...

The lipstick is classic! LoL :)

DeBrady said...

This reminds me of a post on Mckmamma's site the other day...she gives a lot of suggestions and many many more in the comments section.
Here is the link to the specific blog for ideas:

Rebekah said...

I just discovered this site a few weeks ago and LOVE it! It breaks down the crafts by age, and I'm planning on doing a few of the toddler ones with Steven. There is also a section with playtime activities.

Steven and Michelle are on the same nap schedule, so I don't really get one-on-one time with either of them right now. That limits what I can do with him right now :(

Julie Shaw said...

Zippy Sponge Painting-

Supplies Needed-
- dishwashing sponge
- paintbrush
- kids washable paints
- paper

Put the paper in the bag. Then take a moist sponge and cut it into smaller pieces. Press each piece of sponge into a different color paint and then put them all inside the bag and close it. Then put the bag on the table and let your toddler squish down on the sponges and see how they put the paint on the paper. Let him shake the bag to move the sponges around and squeeze down on them again. Then when he's done take out the paper and let it dry! No mess!!!!