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Friday, November 6, 2009

Tummy time with baby #2

With Holden, he watched no TV. Only at 1 year did he start watching Baby Signing Times for about 30 minutes each morning during breakfast. And that is still all the TV he watches. Consequently, he has no interest in TV yet. Recently, we have tried to turn on cartoons, just to have him sit still while we tend to Paxton. But he has absolutely no interest. And I do actually love that. I am not much of a television fan myself. Holden would much rather curl up in a lap and have you read him books. My kind of boy! Or throw his toys clear across the room, but that's beside the point. With Holden, if the TV was on, we would purposely turn him the other way. We didn't want him watching the busyness of the screen. Jeremy had read something about ADD/ADHD in children who watch television before they are 2. I know, I know. You're thinking we're crazy right now. But look how much we've relaxed with Paxton.
Not only is he watching TV during tummy time. But his daddy has him watching UFC fighting! Something that Holden is forbidden to see. Mainly because I'm a little afraid he would learn to put me in one of those awkward looking leg locks. He's smart like that.

I thought we were relatively laid-back parents with Holden. Well, maybe with the exception of the television. We were just trying to do everything right, I guess. Which I quickly learned is IMPOSSIBLE. But it's funny how different it becomes the second time around. Wonder what our 4th child will be doing at 2 months old??? Riding her bike without a helmet? Quite possibly.


The Coopers said...

that is sooo funny and made me laugh! carson is our tv lover and cameron won't watch much of anything. we have found he will watch any sports with daddy and a little elmo and now the dreaded barney, but only short periods as he has too much to do with his cars and trucks!

everyday graces said...

Kate likes Ni Hao Kai Lan. I know I know. But what's a mama to do at the time of day when it's time to cook dinner :-)

Molly said...

This is so freaking funny! I love it! And it is funny what happens with the more kids you have. Sadie eats snails. No lie...we found a snail in her mouth one day. That's what happens when you have older brothers that find "cool" stuff like that outside and bring it in and set it on the fireplace! Poor girl! But hey, I am the 4th and I think I turned out okay!

Love the new posts!

Lindsey said...

How about standing in the middle of the dining room table, or writing on the walls with sharp pencils, or sneaking the plunger out of the bathroom unnoticed? These are some things my 4th child gets into at 17 months.

Very funny photo!

The Bradts said...

I think that it is refreshing that you feel that way about TV! These days, parents use TV as their babysitter ALL THE TIME! Good for you!

The Myers said...

Hilarious! Josh loves to let Camryn watch sports with him as well. Too funny!