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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a few pictures.

I was just noticing that my recent posts have not included any pictures. And I have been told that pictures of my boys is the reason some people even check this blog out. So here you go . . .
Monday was a colder day here. So we bundled up before heading out for some errands.
You've probably heard me speak of his passion. Well, this is the good, fun, positive side of that passion. This is the part that makes us laugh until we cry. And this is just a typical dinner with our Holden. He was clapping. I can't remember what all the hooplah was about. But I'm sure it was something huge for our little 1 year old. I love his expressiveness! It's constant.
Goodness, have you ever seen something so cute!
Now, I know you would like to put your lips right up there on that computer screen. Because this boy is extra kissable when he is sleeping with those pouty, little lips. But hold yourself back because that computer screen is probably filthy . . . and that's a little bit weird.

So for those that tune in for the pictures . . . done. You're welcome. :)

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