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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

National Adoption Month

November has snuck up on us in this household and that means it is National Adoption Month! So let's talk a little more about adoption. Oddly enough, sometimes I feel like our story isn't as "weighty" to some people because maybe you're thinking "well, they HAD to adopt." Oh, but that is just not the case. Yes, we had some fertility issues. But as many of you know, there are many roads we could have traveled for children, even biological children if that were oh-so-important to us. Adoption was our choice. A happy choice. One that we were excited about. And such a blessing only 18 months later down this road! But among all of the options we had to grow our family, adoption was the road we felt good about. I'm just not sure it's something that only a tiny handful of us are "called" to. But instead of me possibly stepping on your toes, I'm going to let this girl do it. There's part of me that thinks since this girl has a bio kid, maybe her story is more "weighty". Not sure why I keep using the word "weighty" and not sure why I keep putting quotes around everything. I'm not one of those people that quotes everything with their fingers when they converse. I promise! I never do it. Anyways, read her words. Maybe convicting, or maybe you're just hard-hearted. :)

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Molly said...

I know! I hear this all of the time...
"It's not the right time for us"
"We can't afford it"
"We are not called to adopt"
"I couldn't lose a child"
"Maybe when 'our' kids are older" (I hate the 'our' kids talk)

I am getting fed up when my own brothers and sisters in Christ come up with excuse after excuse.

Lord grant me patience.

Thank you for this post!