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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nana comes to town

Nana spent a few days with us this week. Another good reason not to sit at the computer and blog. We had a fun few days of more exploring, a little shopping and a special day for Holden. Some pictures of nana and her boys.I have really been wanting to take Holden to the Rainforest Cafe. My mom thought that he might be a little scared of the noisy place. But not so! He LOVED it! In fact, it may have been my easiest dinner in the last several months. He was completely entertained throughout dinner. He ate well. He did not throw his food on the floor. It was amazing. If only every mealtime at home could go so well. Here Holden is mesmerized by the "thunderstorm". Such a fun place for kids!This is what Paxton thought of the "thunderstorm". Not really. He snoozed through it all. This is just what he does sometimes when he sees the flash on my camera in a dark place.Holden's first carrosel ride. Again, he loved it. It was just a fun day for Holden. I wanted to do some things especially for him. We are inside the apartment alot right now and I know he is often bored to tears. Heck! I am often bored to tears. I know that I need to try hard to create more days like these. It was a hit!

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Daysha said...

Oh boy what fun!!! Just a perfect reason, like we need another, to head back down!!!