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Thursday, November 12, 2009

BFF Reunion

I am so behind on the blog. But for a very good reason. We have had visitors the last couple of weeks. Our friends Daysha and Lyndon came to Texas last week. So we spent our days doing fun things together. It was great! The boys were inseparable. They read books together.They played trucks together.They drank milk together.Oh, these boys love each other. Holden normally makes his hyperventilating noises when he sees his buddy Lyndon. And Lyndon just gets a sweet, little smile on his face like this one.
Lyndon was even sweet enough to help Holden out when he dropped his paci. So needless to say, last week was just plain fun. And with an extra pair of adult arms, we were able to get out an explore my new area. Daysha and Lyndon, we are so thankful that you were able to spend your week with us. We love you and miss seeing you each day!

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Daysha said...

Goodness don't make me cry!!! Boy it was loads of fun. We will be there again, promise!!