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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let the Christmas festivities begin!

I know, I know. We haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet and here we are starting Christmas. But I'm not complaining. I do complain when Hobby Lobby's Christmas decorations come out in August. But people, it's late November. It's time. So last night we went to this big tree lighting at a fun little place just down the road from us. Holden is quite into all the decorations this year. If we're out shopping and there is garland or snow flakes hanging from the ceiling of the store, it gets him pretty chatty and excited. And it keeps him quite entertained. Which is so nice for me. And he loves lights. Any kind of light. Anything thing that lights up! So I figured a Christmas tree lighting would be right up his alley. So off we went, with the boys decked out in their Christmas attire . . . yes, once again, almost a full week before Thanksgiving! And even though the pictures won't prove it, Pax and I were there too.
watching the lighting of the tree
Distracted by an airplane. Have I mentioned that he loves airplanes?! :)Holden seeing the tree all lit up! Goodness, I love that sweet face!and the tree. Oops, took the picture with the flash.
See, we were there too!

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Daysha said...

OH so much fun. I do love that sweet face of Holden's too..