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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Costco vs. Sam's

I've never stepped foot into Costco, so really I know nothing about the place. We let our Sam's membership expire because we knew we would have this option once we got to Texas. Let me tell you about options! It is amazing! I have 3 nice grocery stores within 1 block from me: Albertsons, Kroger and Tom Thumb. I love it!! So, a little about me and shopping. We like low prices. And don't tell me everyone does because that's just not true. People may say they do, but sometimes I don't believe them. We are the generic shoppers. Generic-brand food, generic-brand diapers, generic-brand soap. You get the point. So now tell me about Costco vs. Sams. I know I could just go and check it out, but I'm hoping that you all will save me a little time. Give me the run down on Costco and the comparison of the 2 stores. Thanks!


Lindsey said...

One thing to take into consideration is the methods of payment accepted at either store. If I remember correctly, Costco is cash (of course), probably check (old school), and American Express. I think they might also take Visa debit cards (we don't have). Sam's accepts cash/check (undoubtedly), Discover, and Master Card/Master Card debit. This makes a difference to us because we have a Master Card debit, which we cannot use at Costco. I like Costco better in theory, because I am fairly anti-Wal-Mart and I figure Sam's is just an extension of that massive corporate body.

Anyway, in PRACTICE, right now I have a Sam's membership and let my Costco lapse. Mostly because I wanted to buy up contacts before our medical spending account time expired and I could use the Flex Spending card (also Master Card) at Sam's with no trouble, while I could not use it at Costco and had to file for the reimbursement manually. Anyway, Sam's also had a better deal for this particular need, for me. Something like, a $25 discount when I buy 4 boxes of contacts (which almost equals one free box!)

So, long answer for a very specific reason as to why I am a Sam's member at this moment and not Costco. I may well go back to Costco sometime though, because I like some of their choices better than Sam's.

Molly said...

Well, I can't tell you anything about Cosco, but I agree completely when people say they like to shop cheap but then don't. I love how clean Crest is and it's so stinking close to us, but the prices are not as they claim!!! They are not rock bottom! I use generic on most everything except a few things that we just won't and that makes Crest WAY more expensive! They have low prices on name brand stuff, but I don't want name brand. I just like it cheap regardless of what the box says!

Happy shopping! Hope you can find you some good bargains!

Lindsey said...

And, regarding your other choices, I don't find Kroger to be cheap AT ALL. We have that and Randall's, which is even worse. I shop exclusively at H-E-B. LOVE IT.

The Curtis Family said...

Sam's has a much better selection of clothes, books, etc. Costco has a great selection of food. I don't think there is a huge price difference either way, but I prefer Costco. I also agree with Lindsey...there is NO comparison between H-E-B and other grocery stores. It is the gourmet food of Central Market with the prices of WalMart. LOVE IT!

The Coopers said...

well we use sams cause its closer. I dont think there is much difference price wise between the two. What money they take might be a consideration. I love my kroger. if you use coupons, and i use them lots, they double 50 cents and under and they are really good about giving you coupons at checkout that they see you are buying. we buy a lot of kroger brand things being diapers for one. we love the kroger brand! i hate albertsons and it is one of the highest and i hear great things about tom thumbs prices too! good luck! it wouldn't hurt to walk around costco and look around but remember if you find something you want you can't buy it that day unless you sign up for the membership unlike sams one day pass!! happy shopping and saving!

everyday graces said...

I can't tell you anything about costco but I do love HEB and go any chance I get when I'm in Texas. I'm particularly fond of their spinach dip and the jalapeno bbq sauce they no longer make :-( My MIL has left there with many a free thing!