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Thursday, November 19, 2009

So Thankful!

Well, today has been a great great day!
It's only 3pm (knock on wood). Both boys are napping peacefully (again knock on wood). I have been scraping for fun things to do with Holden lately. It's a tough age for entertainment. Not quite ready to sit and do crafts at the kitchen table. But I know that we are in this apartment more than we should be (especially with this beautiful weather). And to be honest, he's just not that into toys. Which makes this apartment get really boring, fast! Holden would just rather be outside, discovering leaves, watching squirrels, pointing at airplanes and just running free. So that is exactly what we did today.
And it was so great. I think we need to do this every single day! At the complex where we're living, there is this great area, away from all the parking lots and cars. Holden can get out of the stroller and just roam. And I feel like he's safe. Meaning I can keep an eye on him, but I don't have to chase or say no 20 times. I don't think I said no one time today. He loved it. I loved it. I snapped way too many pictures. But I had to share a few . . .
ready to cruise
Paxton enjoying some fresh air and a cozy ride.watching mister squirrel
mister squirrel watching us. (he kinda freaked me out.)
chasing mister squirrel
He heard someone playing music. What do you do when you hear music? You dance.You close your eyes and bust out your best moves!
Holden noticing an airplane close by. He is obssessed with airplanes. LOVES them! Which I know is a little boy thing. But we find it pretty cool, since in a way, Holden's daddy works with airplanes. So be looking for an airplane-themed room for Holden in the new house. Can you imagine bring your kid to work day? He would be in heaven!
Stopping to see the flowers.
And one of his all-time favorite things to do . . . running free! FREE FREE FREE! This boy loves to just run around. And he's fast. Just take my word for it.
I'm very thankful for today. Reminding me to keep it simple. It doesn't even have to be a park. I don't even have to load the boys up and take them anywhere. Because that can be a chore in itself. Holden is 18 months and his world is simple. I don't need to make "entertaining" him complicated. So I'm thankful for today. . . for the fun we had . . . for the joy these boys bring. I'm thankful for what God has done. And thankful for where he has taken us through this journey of growing our family. And there are days that don't go as smoothly and so I just need to remind myself to be THANKFUL!


Daysha said...

You're a great momma!!!

The Nanny Family said...

A morning with no "no"s is definately a GREAT day and something to be thankful for!!

April said...

Cute pictures!! But that isn't hard with such cute subjects! I'm so glad you found a house in time for Christmas! Just sitting here thinking about two to three years ago and praising God! Answered prayers.