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Sunday, November 1, 2009

one and a half!

Today Holden turned 18 months. One and a half. Wow! It's a fun age. But it's also been a challenging age, if I'm being completely honest. He is a passionate little boy. And that passion swings both ways. I just want to steer him to use his strong personality in a positive way. And I don't want to squash it. God gave him this big personality and so I want to direct him, but never try to change him. So yes, things have been challenging lately, but still lots of fun. Holden has always been our little parrot. He will attempt to repeat anything you say. Some of the cute words we hear alot are:
daddee (daddy) I hear this one about 412 times per day while Jeremy is at work.
bobble (bottle) Paxton takes the bottle, NOT Holden.
Babby (Abbie - the dog)
yeah (meaning yes. I think he hears that one from me)
bubba (always checking in on baby Pax)
manna (banana)
bapple (apple)
wawa (water)
Bibul (Bible)
na-na (no no) while pointing at something he shouldn't touch
and then there are other words:
mama and mommy
papa nana
Carson (this is the only cousin name that he has learned to say)
Paxthton (Paxton)
babee (baby)

Holden is a busy busy boy! And he is into most everything. Wow! He keeps me jumping, that is for sure. I have told people that I think twins might have been easier than 16 months apart in age. And I still believe it. It's fun, it's just super busy most of the time.
We took Holden to the doctor 2 weeks ago for his 18 month appointment. That was something else we got completed before the big move. He weighed 26lbs. and 4oz. and was 35 inches long. I am proudly announcing that he is now off the charts for his height. He is a tall, skinny boy. Lately his 18-24month pants have begun to look a little high-waterish. And now we know why. Here are a few pictures of our big boy.He is becoming a big boy, but I still think he is one of the cutest things my eyes have ever laid eyes on.


Lindsey said...

Oh Melodie!! He is SO cute! Happy half-birthday, little guy! My Anthony is a little younger, closing in on his 17 month anniversary in a couple weeks. He is much smaller. I can't believe Holden is SO TALL! I think Anthony is still under 30 inches, and he's just 22 pounds (my smallest boy by far). Anthony also has a much more limited vocab than your guy, although he is very opinionated and babbles a LOT! :D I love "bapple!" Anthony's funniest word is 'no,' which he says sort of like, "Naaawwhhh!"

Carsten's Mom said...

Both of your kids are so cute. Carsten was around 34 inches at his 18 month appointment. He has always been in the 90% in weight and height. He'll be 2 in 2 weeks and I'm having a hard time picking him up. Motherhood is great though and I wouldn't give anything for it. We're planning on starting the adoption process again in January. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Carsten is so active; I can't imagine what I'll do if the next one is the same way :).