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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brushin' those teef

Yep, we are already brushing. I actually decided to start it today. He seems to really enjoy having his teefies brushed. That’s what we call em – teefies. I noticed yesterday that Holden had a 3rd tooth coming through. It is another bottom tooth, right next to the first 2. I didn’t put him in a headlock this time for a picture. Sorry, you’ll just have to trust me on this one. So the third tooth has broken through and I declare it time to brush the teefies.


everyday graces said...

We say teef too. and also toofers. Isn't it funny how a child enhances one's vocabulary? Missed seeing you today at bible study.

The Skains Family said...

What cute little teefies he has. Aubrey LOVES brushing her teeth. I think it's a little strange. And, about the flower costume, I think about you and Jeremy in your flower costumes everytime I see Aubrey's. Hilarious! I still love the pissed off lamb costume. I was just cracking up about that the other day to Jeff, but he didnt seem to think it was all that funny.

April said...

Wade's top two are breaking through. Holden looks like he is enjoying himself. Wade always bites me!