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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Looking more and more like daddy everyday

I only say that because this little top was picked out for him because “it looked like Jeremy”. My friend and roommate (college roommate, but those girls will forever be known to me as roommates), Alicia told me that as I opened her gift at a baby shower. Often on Sundays, I have to be at church early and Jeremy and Holden come together at the normal time. A few weeks ago, I didn’t set out something for Holden to wear. I just wanted to see how Jeremy would dress him. And this is how he dressed him. Like a big boy! And doesn’t he make a cute big boy! But this picture was taken today. We have had some cooler days (such as today) and most of the things that fit Holden right now are summer things. But several weeks ago my friend April mailed me a surprise. All of her boys baby clothes that she had been holding on to. So that’s where Holden got these cute little jeans. Apparently they were worn by Luke or Cooper. So this is the one cooler day outfit that Holden can wear right now. But at the speed he is growing, he’ll be into the other stuff in no time.
Speaking of looking like daddy . . . Holden and I made a WalMart trip this week. The nice man that checked us out said, “Must look like daddy.” I explained that he really didn’t look much like his daddy since we had adopted him. He told me more than once how deeply sorry he was. I think he was just embarrassed that he had said anything, though it didn’t bother me in the least. There are plenty of things people could say to offend. But assuming Holden looks like his daddy, when he clearly does not look like me, I think is normal.
I feel like I should be practicing now, how I will respond to comments like these when Holden is 2 or 3. I do not want him to hear all day “he is adopted.” That just isn’t going to happen. Obviously he will know his adoption story and it will be discussed a lot at our home. We already are sharing the story with him now. But there is no reason for that to be constantly shared just because people are curious. And sometimes, not necessarily even curious . . . just making a statement like this man had done. I was trying to think how I could have responded . . . “No, he really doesn’t look like his daddy.” (the end) or “Yeah, he does.” (big lie) I know that we will figure it out. I am reading lots of books to help. But more than that, we are just praying our way through this. We know God gave us Holden and he is 100% the creator of this family. And I know he has His hand is on us, so there is no reason to make things more complicated than they actually are. Jeremy and I just thought it was a funny little story. And now I have turned it into 75% of this blog. Really, I just wanted you to see him in his big boy clothes!


Phyllis said...

I know the feling. I never knew for sure what to say. Our school counselor has 2 adopted chilren and I have the priviledge of having Noah in my room. He is so precious! She does the neatest thing. He was born in June but his adoption was final on Oct. 4th. They call it his "gotcha day!" They make his favorite foods and he gets to pick out a toy from Walmart. He has told me all week about his "gotcha day"--he is very proud.
Holden is the cutest little thing. What size clothes is he wearing now? He has grown so much!
Love to the 3 of ya'll!

Katie said...

this looks adorable on him!!

Room For More said...

he is so dang cute!

Allison said...

He is made 100% in the image of his Heavenly Father, so you could say that yes he looks like his father without lying!

Love the outfit. I still think jeans and shirts make boys look so much older. Wish Thomas could stay my baby and wear one piece outifts forever!

Alicia M Brown said...

Holden is SO handsome. I love that he is wearing the clothes I gave him. I love reading your blog and hearing about your amazing family. I love that we are still your roommates. That will always be how I view the 4 of us.

House said...

what a handsome little man! he looks like such a happy little boy. and, i have to say, i do see a little jeremy in the making! ;) does he have his golf clubs already?