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Saturday, October 11, 2008

God showed mercy

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a friend's house for the OU/Texas football game. I was a little hesitant. I prefer to stay in the safety of my home with like-minded fans for this particular game. And it is one of the few football games I watch all season. I wouldn’t have ever called Jeremy and I huge Longhorn fans until we moved here and it seemed everyone assumed that we would be. Since we are from Texas and that is the only major University in that state. *sarcasm* So the last 5 years of living in Oklahoma has developed a loyalty in us to the University of Texas. I’m pretty sure, a loyalty that will stick around no matter where we live. Maybe more so for me, than for Jeremy. (I did mention last week to him that I wanted to pray for Texas to win this game. And Jeremy got on to me for sharing those thoughts.) Back to my story. We agreed to join our friends for the game and realized that a few other Texas fans had been invited. We thought it would be a mixed crowd. Well, it wasn’t. We were outnumbered, as we were the only orange shirts in the house.
OU was ranked #1 (before today) and UT was ranked #5 or #6, I believe. So I didn’t have much confidence in my team. But low and behold, Texas pulled it off (and possibly God answered my secret prayers). And for the record, we were very non-obnoxious fans. Just our normal quiet mannered selves. :) And the OU fans were the same. Surprisingly, it was a very pleasant experience. And here are a few more pictures from our fun game day!
Sooners and Longhorns can be friends, as proven below.
Here is some intense game watching.
Holden was so excited for the Longhorn win!
One particular girl was not such a good sport. ;)


Alisa Nelson said...

We were the only TX fans in our group as well :)

Julie said...

Its funny how moving to Oklahoma from Texas automatically make you a die hard Texas fan. We were in that same boat when we lived there for 3 years. We liked Texas before, but were definitely not the crazed fans that some Oklahomans are!!! I remember several games surrounded by OU fans and taking all kinds of flack.

The Coopers said...

great pics! that holden is getting so big. when do we see you next? the game was a good one. we watched it in fredericksburg

Molly said...

Well, I love the pictures! I am afraid my family (the one I married into) would be the crazy OU fans you might be referring to! I had no idea that people could be so emotional about football until I started dating Blake- holy cow! I came from a family of all girls so I had no idea! Glad you had fun, especially being outnumbered!

The Stanphill Family said...

Wreck'em Tech!!!!

stephanie garcia said...

Your baby boy is absolutely beautiful. We are proud parents through adoption as well, so it is always a joy to see other beautiful families formed in this way. God bless you!!

The Curtis Family said...

Yikes!!! You watched the game with Jeff Behymer!!!!!!!! He is such an obnoxious OU fan (as many of them are!) I had to hold Matt down from calling to smear the their loss in Jeff's face (as he has so kindly done to us on many occassions). I'm not bitter at all! *sarcasm*