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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Documentation of the roll

Well, Holden has been rolling from front to back since around month 3. You know how sometimes they do it when they are teeny tiny by a fluke? But somehow I never actually documented when he became so consistent with the roll. I let him nap on his belly and so he has always (since around 3 months) rolled to his back once he wakes up from his nap. Since we have the wood floors he is always on a thick pallet, which I noticed made rolling quite more of a challenge for him. But now he is even consistent on the thick pallet. So here is a recent documentation of Holden's roll.
enjoying some tummy time

getting in the head down position. (he pushes off the surface with his head.) notice fingers in mouth. they are now ALWAYS in his mouth. more teeth to come, i suppose.

bottom's up and ready to roll. fingers still in mouth.

action shot: mid-roll

and now, we're on our back and able to view the world (or the ceiling)

So now we just need to work on back to front. He rolls from his back to his side, but really has no interest in staying on his belly anymore. Unless, he can view himself in his little mirror. He still thinks that little reflection looking back at him is so funny!

mirror mirror on the wall . . .


Molly said...

such a handsome guy! I love it when they start doing things like rolling and sitting up! Such a fun time of so much change! Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures!

The Myers said...

Holden is definitely the fairest of them all. :)

Phyllis said...

He is so cute. I loved the Halloween picture! Ya'll coming this way anytime soon. Aunt PhePhe needs some kisses.

Matt and Shara said...

Oh I love the action shots - so cute!