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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweet Potatoes

Holden was entertaining us Sunday as he ate his sweet potatoes for lunch. So I got out the camera . . . again.
Hello everyone. My name is Holden.

He hasn't quite learned that it is bad manners to talk with his mouth full.
All done.


Amanda said...

I noticed he wasn't freaking out at the green light anymore. What a big boy! he looks like so much fun!

the thorntons said...

How funny! He looks perfectly happy with his messy face!

HaleyP said...

He looks so entertaining! I love his little cheeks...*squeeze!*

Matt and Shara said...

I'd say he likes sweet potatoes much more than green peas!

guspiv said...

AWWWW Adorable~!

April said...

What a personality!!! Wade usually just gives his "duh" look at the camera! He can't get over the light!