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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I really thought the title of this post would be: All Dressed Up and No Place to Go! Luckily things changed this week. But then, Jeremy found out around noon on Thursday that he would be leaving for Minnesota after work (and returning very late Friday night). So Holden and I were on our own for Halloween. We had already been making some plans with friends, but Jeremy was part of those plans. And quite frankly, I was really disappointed that Jeremy would be missing Holden’s first Halloween. I mean, I know this would be the ideal Halloween for Jeremy to miss, if he had to miss one. I knew that Holden would be very uneventful and never remember it. But still, it was his first. Jeremy finished up in Minnesota early Friday morning and began the whole trying to fly standby bit. He did make it home at 7:30pm. By that time Holden and I had made a trip around the neighborhood with some friends, while the walking kids went door to door. Holden slept the first half in his stroller. Once he woke, I put him in his costume. Ooops! It was about 5 inches too short! It was one of those bunting costumes, so his legs were all bunched up inside. I put him in it about a month ago and it fit, perfectly. So I knew it might be a little small in the length. But it was ridiculously small. But he still looked cute. Check out our little jester for yourself.
Jeremy called at 7:30 and he had landed and was on his way home. We met him for dinner at Chili’s and then the 3 of us headed back home. I am thoroughly enjoying this age right now with Holden. But I am fully aware that these fun little events will be much more fun in future years.
so excited to see daddy back home! (though the face doesn't really show it)


Molly said...

Blake missed Owen's first Halloween too, except he didn't come home! That's so funny that we want them there for everything even if the kids don't rememmber it! I love the costume. The same thing happened with Owen, it was TOO short, but luckily it had cutout feet so it just looked like crop pants, but it was hilarious! I love the picture with him smiling! He's such a doll! Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah said...

It's amazing how our babies get cuter every day! Mark left for Iowa yesterday afternoon, so he too missed out on the first Halloween.

Steven and I went to the neighbors' houses and then drove to a friend's house and then went to my parents' house. We didn't get any great candy (mostly suckers), but Steven did get two glo bracelets and play-do from the neighbor.

I love your little jester. We had a little tiger this year, but he didn't want to roar :(

The Skains Family said...

Oh my gosh, he is so stinkin adorable. I love his cheeks in his costume, and that he looks so serious.

April said...

I know how you feel, as in, us moms want these events to go just perfect--far before the kids even know what is going on. (I have been know to slightly over react when the video camera has not been charged.) I am glad he was able to make it home. Holden looks too cute!!