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Friday, October 24, 2008

A thought from Beth

I am in my last week of my Beth Moore bible study, Stepping Up. To be honest, it hasn’t been my most favorite of her studies. But still, lots of wisdom I am taking with me from this study. And so today I read:
“He’s [God] answered you above and beyond what you asked on some of the requests you assumed He answered negatively. If time and opportunity have passed, we assume God said no. Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes we’re wrong. Our finite minds simply cannot grasp God’s infinite ways of answering prayer. You have no idea how many times you’ve prayed and God answered affirmatively but is awaiting the proper time for its revelation.”
You know what this makes me think of . . . of course, my Holden. Holden is without a doubt, above and beyond what I was praying for, during my time of fertility struggles. Will I associate everything to my infertility and adoption experience for the rest of my life? Quite possibly. :)

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Molly said...

You know though, I think that's why God brings some people to adoption...this IS my testimony and to ignore it or try and not talk about it would be hiding what He has done. There are some mighty miracles that happen with the way our children came to us and why it happened the way it did. I am like you in that I never would have EVER imagined that God would have given me my wildest dreams! Let's be annoying together and never stop talking about how adoption has affected our lives in so many ways!!!

Love you and I am so sorry I didn't ask if you were going to the hayride, sadly I assumed you weren't because of you know! Please come to the Christmas party! We're planning on it!