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Sunday, August 3, 2014

more summer fun!

I'll begin this catch up post with my trip to Colorado. It was only for a weekend but I traveled solo, leaving my family at home, to have a weekend away with my sister. We had registered to run a 5k together near her home. At the last minute, we decided to book a hotel and make it a girl's weekend. It was a lot of fun. I was feeling a little under-the-weather (9 days later my status is the same), so we kept it low key. With the exception of the race, we spent most of the time in our hotel room talking. We had lunches and dinners out and did a little shopping. But my talk time with her was the highlight, for sure. I'm sure with children around, it would have taken a full month to cover all of the conversations we had in just a couple of days. It was a great great time for me. When we do get time together, I'm reminded of how much I miss her!
I brought along some facial masks.
 The aftermath of our color run. FYI: Elevation makes a huge difference when running. On Tuesday morning I had run 7 miles. On Thursday morning I had run 5 miles. I won't pretend that either of those runs felt easy. But I will say that on Saturday, those 3.2 miles were the hardest. Honestly I went into thinking it would be a piece of cake. Not so much!
 I do miss my family when I am away from them. I really, really do. But I was greeted in the airport by 4 smiling, handsome guys. And I came home to this on my front door.
 We had some morning swim time and afternoon playtime with some special friends.
 With some more unusually "cool" summer days, we had an afternoon at the park and went on a turtle hunt. I saw about 40 small turtles one morning while running, so we attempted to hunt them down, but only found one large momma turtle. And my littlest guy thinks he is so big and climbed all the way up!
 Yesterday we met some friends at Lake Granbury. We took a day trip to this wonderful place last year as well. Check it out. Maybe it will be a fun summer tradition. It's the perfect little place to pretend you're at the beach when you don't have the ocean nearby.
 Last night we met my family at the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate cousin Cameron's 7th birthday. The boys had a lot of fun and I think Abe's favorite part were the pretend thunderstorms.
We have about 3 weeks left of this summer fun and freedom, though we may be starting school a littler earlier at this house. I haven't quite decided. I've enjoyed the relaxed schedule. But I know the school routine is so good for my boys. Either way, we will be soaking up these last few weeks of not having much responsibility and productivity. Hope you are enjoying your summer break!

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