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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

swimming away the summer.

We were having a rare but nice, mild summer and then the heat hit. And now we are looking at some triple digits for the next several days. So these days we are not outside for long unless we are in the water. And we've been in the water a lot. Holden is a complete fish in the water. Diving boards, slides, swimming on top of the water and underneath. He can do it all. And I have a feeling Abe will be the same way one day. That baby boy has no fear. He jumps in, he goes under, he rarely takes in any water. I am working with Pax when I have the opportunity. I probably need to sign him up for lessons. I just hate to do that this late in the season, thinking he might forget it all by next summer and then it would just be a waste. I used to teach swim lessons so I think I could teach him. I just don't have the pool and the one on one time to do so very often. And Jeremy won't justify putting a pool in our backyard so I can teach Pax to swim. What a stick in the mud?! ;) But we work on it when we can. He's not as confident without his puddle jumper and he doesn't love putting his face in. He's been swimming since his first summer when he was 10 months old, but he doesn't yet love it like the other two. But he does like to cool off in the water and he likes the slides and the fun that goes along with the water places that we visit. He would just much rather float around than swim. Who can blame him for that!
Below are just a few pictures from some of our water fun this summer.

 Abe in the tiny pool we bought for him last year.
 Pax does this every time we go to the water park. He parks his tube on the "shore" of the wave pool and chills.
 Swimming with Nana and Papa J.
 And swimming with lots of friends.
 Below are pictures of a very cool nearby city pool and spray park we went to with friends this week. The boys LOVED it. And it was actually much more relaxing for me than the water park!

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