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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Celebrating the big 5!

Pax turned five on Tuesday, August 26th! I love making my boys birthdays all about them and allowing them to own their day and make extra choices. Obviously they enjoy this too. We had already decided that we would take the day off of school, because that is an easy option when you are homeschooling. Early that morning while I was getting myself ready, the big boys ran downstairs and into our room. They know our tradition of beginning the day of opening a gift from the brothers. So Pax began his day by opening two gifts from Holden and Abe that Holden had picked out all by himself. Holden had chosen an EtchaSketch and a Kaleidoscope. I loved these classic gifts. I was shocked he had chosen these things with all of their Ninja Turtle obsessions. And of course, Pax loved his gifts. But what he shared with Jeremy and I that meant the most to him was that first thing that morning, Holden had given him a birthday hug. As soon as the words were coming out of Pax's mouth, Holden was covering his face with his hands as if he was so embarrassed by his own thoughtfulness. Pax is VERY affectionate. Holden is pretty affectionate with Jeremy and I. He sort of has to be, because we are affectionate people. But he is not nearly as touchy feely as Pax. Pax will hug and hold on for minutes at a time if you allow it. Holden can't handle those long bear hugs. So the fact that Holden initiated a hug with Pax, knowing it would make his birthday extra special, it just about brought tears to my eyes...but who am I kidding. It often doesn't take much to get the tears going on me.
Pax had told me weeks before his birthday that he was going to want donuts on his big day. So he had a few different donuts. And just like his mommy, plain glaze is always his favorite.
After breakfast and getting the boys ready for the day, we headed to story time at the library and to pick out some new books. He wanted to do this same exact activity last year as well. :) Some things never change, I guess. He had also told a few days before that on his birthday he wanted to stay home and paint. So after the library and lunch, I put Abe down for a nap and the three of us painted together. 
I even got a little carried away having a little fun myself.
For dinner Pax had requested Chili's. He made this request over a month ago. I keep telling people that Pax has been waiting for this birthday since May 1st (Holden's birthday)! He has literally been asking about his day, making specific requests and counting down ever since the day we celebrated Holden turning 6. So for dinner, we met up with Jeremy, my parents, my sister and nephew for dinner. I brought in cupcakes and the servers sang to him. I could see that the loud commotion and attention on him made him so proud, yet a little shy all at the same time.
 I made lego cupcakes since he is loving legos these days. They were so sloppy and quickly done the night before. But when my sweet Pax saw them he said they were "boooootiful". And he said it just like that.
After dinner with the family, the five of us headed home for present opening.
 Pax opened a few books, some legos, a hot wheels track, a family board game, a Ninja Turtle tee and a pattern game where he gets to use a drill. He loved it all.
It was a wonderful day of celebrating our big five year old! Five sounds so big to me!

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The Skains Family said...

Happy happy birthday Pax! I can't believe you are already 5.