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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just like daddy

Last week Jeremy had another work related trip. He left Sunday afternoon and flew back in to us on Friday evening. It was a long week here at home. But we survived once again. I mean, you can't help but survive it. There are no other options. Crawling under a rock sometimes sounds appealing to me, but it's not really an option. I mean, what were my little boys going to do while I was hiding out under a rock? That just didn't make sense.

One night as I tucked the boys in bed, I did a little interview with each of them that I'll post on the blog later this week.  I posted their favorites last year as we began our first school year. Pax's Pre-K favorites. And Holden's Kindergarten favorites. So I was doing those little interviews again for this year. The last question was "When I grow up I want to....." Pax was being interviewed first. They were in separate rooms so they weren't even hearing each another's responses. He didn't quite understand the answer I was looking for. So I briefly mentioned jobs and explained that one day he would go to work each day. What did he want to do for work? After my explanation he immediately said "I want to build jets, airplanes and helicopters." He has taken a bigger interest in Legos lately. So that may have had something to do with his future job description. But this is also probably what he imagines his daddy does each day. It's definitely not an accurate description. But in his (almost 5 year old) head, he was describing his daddy's job. I just thought it was sweet. He wants to be like his daddy. Then I headed into Holden's room to tuck him in and do his quick interview. As I got to that same question..."When I grow up I want to..." Without skipping a beat or needing any explanation his response was "be just like daddy." And there went my eyes spilling over with water. I told him what a great idea that was and that his daddy was a wonderful man. Clearly, he doesn't need me to tell him this. It has been evident for nearly Holden's entire life, that the boy thinks his daddy hung the moon. We talked a little longer and I explained I was looking for a career and job. You'll see later when I post them that Holden has high hopes of playing soccer for his job. :)

But these boys and their's a very special bond. All boys need a daddy! All children need a daddy! It's the way God intended the family to be. And I know it can't always be that way for every family. Divorce, abandonment, death and other terrible things happen to families that may make them feel incomplete. But with Jeremy away last week, and my boys reminding me of the pedestal they have him on, I had to stop and thank God again for bringing us together the way He did. For giving these three boys a daddy that is crazy for them. And they are equally crazy for their daddy.
Reuniting at the airport on Friday. Pax had fallen asleep in the car. But this big boy could wait to jump in his arms.

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