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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kindergarten School Boy!

Tuesday we will begin our second year of homeschooling. I will be teaching a 1st grader this year and a kindergartener. Crazy! Pax will turn 5 just one week after we start school. But much to my surprise he caught onto reading just by participating with us in the kindergarten curriculum last year. So even though he is young, I see no reason to delay starting him. So tonight, Pax opened up his Kindergarten goods!
 This new big boy backpack will get very little use since we will be at home most of the time. But every kid needs a backpack!
And all the fun goodies that were inside! He is so excited to start his school year.

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kskains said...

SO fun! You are such a fun mom. I love their individual pictures as well, with the brick wall and info. Such a cute idea.