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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another birthday celebration!

Today we celebrated the birthday boy one more time. He chose to have an outing with a friend instead of a party this year. I let him make the choice and his decision sure made it easy on us. Because of his new lego obsession, he chose to go to Legoland with his buddy Ross. Because we were constantly counting the heads of four busy little boys, I didn't snap too many pictures. But we had a fun few hours at Legoland. Today was also the grand opening of the new spray ground there, Pirate Beach. So we ended our time there in the water. Which was perfect for them because it was HOT. Lovely Texas heat. The boys had so much fun. We had a late lunch of cheeseburgers, Pax's request, before driving Ross back home to his family. So thankful that this little friend was able to join in our celebration!
 Abe even got in on some lego action.
 This kid has all sorts of personality. :) Hands down he is the most joyful child I have ever known. I couldn't have chosen a better buddy for my sweet Pax.
Big bro and little bro crashed in the car after lunch. But the friends chatted the whole way home.

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