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Friday, August 8, 2014

First sleepover.

My boys hosted their first sleepover this week with their two boy cousins. After the boys had a fun dinner at The Rainforrest Café, I knew they would love some good solid time together to play. So me and my sister made it happen. She brought Carson and Cameron over on Thursday at noon and I headed to the waterpark with 5 boys! Ages 11, 7, 6, {almost} 5 and 20 months. You may not see them all, but they are all back there in the mini.
We spent 4 hours at the water park and rode nearly every ride there was. It was a little chaotic at times. I was constantly counting 5 heads. But it was such a fun way to spend our afternoon.
Jeremy came home with pizza for dinner. Before and after dinner the boys spent lots of time on the trampoline. It was at least 100 degrees outside but they wanted to jump. Notice they are nearly all shirtless. 
The biggest cousin of the bunch spent some time reading to these guys. Pax LOVES Carson. Adores him. And for about 24 hours Pax was stuck to Carson like glue.
After Abe went to bed, the party continued. The boys played some games and ate some icecream before they crashed for the night.
This morning after breakfast they spent a good portion of their morning playing with legos and jumping on the trampoline again.
Today after lunch I met up with my sister and the boys parted ways. With tears in Pax's eyes he said goodbye to his buddy Carson. He had so much fun invading Carson's personal space while they stayed with us. :) And Carson handled it like a champ. It was such a fun time with my nephews. Having that time with Carson actually made me really look forward to the ages and stages that I have in front of me with my own boys. I know we will be doing this sleepover thing more often in the future.

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The Coopers said...

Thanks for having them. They had so much fun with their cousins. Making memories for sure. Love you all