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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some recent pictures...

I'm a little behind in things I should probably be posting, so instead I'll leave you with a few pictures of our recent happenings.Pax's birthmom, M, came to Texas for her spring break. So we headed over to her grandparents and spent a late Saturday afternoon/evening with her and her extended family. As usual, it was a great visit with these people that feel alot like family to us!After a great week of behavior, Jeremy came home one Friday with Cars 2 rented from Redbox. The boys enjoyed this little popcorn and movie night as a special treat. Holden mostly enjoyed the movie. Pax may have enjoyed 4+ bowls of popcorn. I think he chowed down the entire time. He loves it!After Jeremy worked on a few busted sprinkler heads, the boys enjoyed the moments when he tested the new ones out. :)Pax got to help mow the lawn for the first time. I thought he would hate the noise and not want to get too close. But once daddy said it was his turn, he jumped right in and loved being a helper. I think Jeremy is counting down the next 10 years when he can pass that job off to his boys. Hopefully they'll still love to be his helper. :)The boys enjoyed their first popsicles of the season. Mmmmmm. They loved every melting bite.

As you can see we've been spending MUCHO time outside with this wonderful spring weather. It has also just been a great time for our family of 4. The pictures captured here are the smiles I get to see every day. It's not always easy, but for the most part, it is alot of fun. It really has been a special and fun time in this stage of their lives. So I'm soaking it up. The cuddles and kisses they still offer me. Their dependence on me for many things. Their funny sense of humor. Their eagerness to learn and explore. The ever growing friendship between my little boys. All of it! There are lots of blessings in this little household and I'm just trying to appreciate each day.

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A and Z said...

That is all so sweet and I LOVE the mohawk!