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Thursday, April 26, 2012

cavity free.

Tuesday morning I took the boys to their very first dentist appointment. I knew it was time we had their little mouths checked out. And I was a little bit nervous.  I was nervous how Holden would do with strangers prodding around in his mouth.  I didn't want a freak out moment.  For that reason, I did take them to a pediatric dentist office where they would be more prepared for a little freaking out.  I was also a little nervous about the report we would get back. I know we take care of their teeth and are consistent about brushing. We also don't do much added sugar around here and stick to more whole, natural foods, which I do think can play a big part in those little teeth. But Holden's almost 4, so I just didn't know what to expect as far as cavitites. But the good news is we had 2 sets of healthy teeth. The dentist also commented on their perfectly straight teeth and nice spacing. So we're hoping braces and orthodontics work is not in their future. :) But oh well, if it is.
Right when we got there, Holden noticed all of the toys in the waiting room and said, "This place is fun!"  I don't think he was expecting toys to be part of this dental experience.
As pretty typical around here, Pax was chilled out. He let them clean his teeth and snoop around in his mouth while he realaxed and watched Mickey Mouse Club on the TV.  Occassionally the hygentist's head would block his view and he would try to sit up to see over her. Made me laugh a little. Mickey Mouse was the priority. He could care less what they needed to accomplish.
Holden had his x-rays done. Apparently they wait until age 3 to do x-rays. A hygentist whisked him away to do this as soon as we walked back. I thought he would stick closely by me and be reluctant to do much of anything. Boy was I wrong! By the time I got this picture, they had almost finished all of his x-rays.
And then it was time for his cleaning. At this point, he did want me right beside him and he started out a little reluctant. But he did amazing. I was shocked. The dentist could feel a little "wiggly" bottom tooth. She told me to expect it to fall out around age 4 1/2 or 5. She said this was early, but not surprising since he began cutting his teeth earlier than most babies. I just looked back to this. He cut his 2 front and center, bottom teeth first. Naturally, one of those is the wiggly one. And I use that term loosely. We haven't noticed it being wiggly. But the dentist did.

I'm happy to have their first dentist appointments behind us. And I can only hope that their future visits go just as smoothly and we leave with this same positive report!  Cavity free! Yay!


Daysha said...

Good job boys and momma

everyday graces said...

Wow He did great! I took Kate for the first time last year and she screamed and cried. The only thing they got done was counting her teeth. We go again next week. I hope this time it'll be a more pleasant experience. Hopefully she's more confident now than she was 6 months ago.