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Monday, April 16, 2012

So proud.

Last Wednesday night I got to have a date with my littlest guy! He has made me so proud in the last 2 weeks. He is completely potty trained! One morning he told me would try on the potty and he went! Those first few days there were a couple of times that he told me he didn't want undies and wanted his diaper. But I stuck to my guns. There were a few accidents the first couple of days. But we started on a Tuesday morning, and to my complete shock, Thursday at school he had no accidents. I was so proud when I peeked in his classroom that afternoon and found him wearing the same clothes I had put on him that morning. I just assumed he would have an accident or 2. Pax did so much better with potty training than we ever imagined. I tell you, we underestimate that boy alot. I think this is because he is currently the baby of the family. And I am completely guilty of treating him like my little baby. :) So once he had filled his sticker chart we headed for the mall for a special trip to Build-A-Bear and icecream.
He picked out a cute little koala bear. Ironic because I've called him that often. "My little koala bear" - because of the way he latches onto my waist by wrapping his legs tightly around. He has always loved to be carried or held, but is becoming less koala-like now that he's well into his 2s. As he slipped the shirt on the bear, it seemed to be a tight fit getting it over it's head. And Pax said in his cute little voice, "He has a big head, yike me!" Ha! We say this alot when we struggle to put on his shirts.Brushing the hair.And a fake "cheese" for my picture.Our next stop was a little fro-yo!So this little bear was named Basketball by his silly, little owner. So original, huh? So we looked at ALL the bear clothes. He saw the baseball uniform and went for it. This boys LOVES baseball. When we go in the backyard, all he wants to do is have me pitch him balls so he can practice swinging at them with his little bat. And he's actually really good at hitting them. He might become our little baseball star. He also loves golf. I think because it's a similar concept. Well, not completely. But you're swinging at balls and that's what he likes to do. Anyways, so he was sold on the baseball uniform UNTIL he saw the basketball uniform that had a basketball attached. That was the key. It had an actual ball attached to it. A ball he could play with. :) So there was no turning back. The bear was going to be a basketball player. And I didn't push the Texas uniform AT ALL. I even showed him the Mavericks uniform thinking he would rather have the blue. (He really likes blue these days.) But he wanted Texas. And when it was time to register his bear in the computer he came up with a few names that I nixed such as: PooPooTeeTee, Build-A-Bear and Computer (since that's what we were working on at that particular time). So I settled for his more reasonable suggestion: Basketball. He's a funny boy. I love him so much! And I'm so proud of his most recent accomplishment.

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The Everharts said...

way to go Pax! had to laugh at the names he came up with for his bear...too cute! I have a post coming soon about this very same topic:)