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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Revive Carnival

Our church does this really cool carnival in the spring. And I just stole this from our church website to sum it up for you:
The REVIVE Carnival is the event that funds an entire year of the REVIVE Program. If you’re new or not familiar with REVIVE, it’s a program where loving volunteers from NorthWood Church and our community provide a time of respite for families of children with special needs.

The carnival began Thursday evening and went all weekend. We finally had our opportunity to go on Saturday evening. We went last year and it was fun. But this year, with Pax being so much more independent, it was even better. This year we bought the boys wrist bands, which meant unlimited rides. So they enjoyed everything they were tall enough to ride. There was much-o hyperactivity going on. ;) They had a ball! A few pictures from our evening:
They loved the elephants!

I was so proud of Holden for going down the slide by himself. He's in the middle lane. He wanted to do it over and over. He absolutely loved it!Little buddies. :)And as our little carnival finale, Jeremy took them both on the ferris wheel. When Holden got off, he told me that he never wanted to do it again. It was too loud. Pax, on the otherhand, loved it. It was a fun little evening for my boys.

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