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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

bits and pieces of our weekend.

A few pictures from our weekend...
Girl's Night Out with old college friends at The Melting Pot. Is it even possible that we graduated 10 years ago?! Crazy to think about.
Saturday was spent with Jeremy re-organizing and cleaning out the garage for the mini to fit...
I think I failed to mention that I'm now a mini-van mama. Don't hate. We love it. The boys love it. It's roomy, comfy and if you park next to me, it will be impossible for my children to ding your door. Biggest perk, right there!
While he worked on the garage, Holden and Pax had a ball playing outside in the front and testing out all their outdoor toys. Holden was never interested in pedalling the tricycle. Pax loves it and can even pedal up the incline. He's got some calf muscles that make me jealous!
Holden is still obsessed with cars and trucks. And his biggest obsession right now is construction vehicles.
Completely unplanned matchy-matchy with the grey and yellow on Sunday morning.
Attended a baby shower for this dear friend and got to meet all of the special friends and family members that have helped to make her who she is today. We can't wait to set our eyes on that little boy. He has 2 older buddies ready and waiting to play with him!

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~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Awe:) well you have had a part in that as well, my friend! Cruz can't wait to meet his new buddies! And you two look adorable in your grey and yellow!