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Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Weekend

I realized Easter weekend that I haven't put much thought into this particular holiday for my boys. Yes, we have spent time talking about Jesus' death and ressurection. And Holden can tell you all about Palm Sunday, Hosanna and that Jesus is alive. But I didn't plan out learninging activities for the boys and really haven't put a whole lot of thought into how to explain our celebration of this day. Jeremy and I really have put alot of thought into our Christmas holiday, and so I'm not sure how that same thought didn't go into Easter. But honestly, it didn't. I won't make the same mistake next year. And I will be alot more prepared.

One thing we did do on Saturday morning was Ressurection Rolls. I had seen them on a friend's blog last year. I knew that on Sunday, it would be too hard to do that activitiy and get us all to church by 9am. So we opted to do it the day before and put a little extra time into it.

After breakfast we went to the boys school for an Easter egg hunt with 14,000 eggs! That's the number I heard. They also had tons of bounce houses, a small petting zoo and face painting. It was a fun time for the boys and they played their little hearts out.I loved watching Pax sprint though at least 100 eggs before he found his favorite hunting spot. Made me laugh. That boy was on a mission for a particular place, I guess.Sunday, my sister and her family joined us at our house for lunch and then an egg hunt (in the rain). Here are a few pictures from our day. And I'm bummed to say that we didn't get a single family picture.Some goodies in their Easter baskets: new flip flops for our swim time this summer, Super Hero undies, a small construction vehicle and 1 egg of candy.At least we got one picture of the boys before heading out to church.The cousins before heading out into the rain to hunt Easter eggs.Digging into the goods.

Despite my lack of planning, it was a wonderful weekend.

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