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Sunday, April 17, 2011

a carnival.

Our church does some amazing things in the local community and also around the world. They have an incredible ministry for families with special needs children. Each spring, the church hosts a carnival to fundraise for that particular ministry. This weekend was the carnival. So tonight our cell group (plus our friends Noe and Lauren) met up at Fuzzy's Tacos (YUM!), ate dinner and then headed to the carnival. The kids got to ride their little hearts out on so many fun kiddie rides. We didn't know how Holden would do with it all. He's not the bravest little guy in the world. But once he saw some cars that he could "drive" he was sucked in. He absolutely loved the carnival! And Pax did too! Too bad mister Pax was a few inches too short to participate in many of the rides. He's probably the braver of the two boys in some ways. But Pax was a good sport and would watch the bigger kids. He was perfectly content in Lauren's arms much of the evening. Here are a few pictures from our super fun evening. I love this first picture of Holden and Isabella. It looks like they're on a little date and he's showing off for her on his 4-wheeler. :) Holden LOVED this huge slide, which completely shocked me. I was afraid he might freak out once he got to the top and realized how high it really was. He was too short to ride alone, so he rode with Jeremy. Then I decided that Pax wanted a turn. So on round 2, Pax rode with Jeremy and Holden rode with Noe. If you click on the picture below, you'll see that Pax's face looks terrified. (Honestly, I make that face too when I go down huge hills on roller coasters. You should see the camera shots of me on a big roller coaster. Not pretty! Even though I love to ride them, this terrified face always pops out. It's uncontrollable. I promise.) And you'll also notice the big boys are laughing in the picture. This is because Noe cheated so that he and Holden could win. :) I'm not sure why I didn't think to get a cell group photo! It was a fun night with friends. And the boys had a ball!


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Awe it was a fun night! I meant to take a pic of all of you and it completely slipped my mind! I thought about it but then got funnel cake mind!

I just read this out loud to NoƩ and he got a good laugh out of it:) ohhh, boys!

Amanda said...

Now THAT is a good reason to go to a carnival. Not usually my thing, but it sounds fun and for a great cause. Sweet boys...I miss their cuteness. :)

Jodi.Pafford said...

That was tons of fun tonight! Can't wait for more 'play dates' when summer gets here. Our kids need to hang out more!

The Mommy said...

Carsten rode a slide just like that one at the fair last year by himself several times (I rode in the lane next to him) - a month before he turned 3. He. loved. it. and he is normally scared of things too. He keeps asking me when the fair is coming back. Looks like y'all had a great time.