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Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Pumpkin Carving

Last night the boys got to watch Jeremy carve a pumpkin. I thought I had picked out something that would be simple, fairly quick and most importantly, put a smile on the faces of my little boys. It did accomplish the smiles. But my detailed husband decided my simple idea needed way more details than what I had originally planned in my head. So he took his precious time and made a fantastic pumpkin creation for the boys. I mentioned it last year, but Jeremy really does have mad carving skills. I nearly chop off a finger anytime I cut something thicker than a summer squash, so you see why I admire this skill. ;) And now you also understand why he's the pumpkin carver in this house.
We started this little event after the boys normal bedtime. We just decided we would keep them up later, let them eat s'mores and have some quality family time. Here are my little guys in the scariest PJs they own, posing with their perfect pumpkin.
At first they were very into observing Jeremy's every move.
But within 15 minutes, he was still working and their short attention spans had kicked in. So I did what any good mother would do. I turned on Mickey Mouse. Let's just say it fit in well with our theme.
Pretty good, huh? Posing with the completed masterpiece. Despite their sleepy faces in the picture above, they were pretty proud of their daddy.


everyday graces said...

He did great! Disney is obviously the popular choice this year :-)

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Love the pump! Good job, J!

The Nanny Family said...

we did Mickey too! - but a way more basic version. Jeremy did an awesome job!

The Skains Family said...

He is such a talented pumpkin carver! It sounds a bit like our pumpkin carving experience!