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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

my growing boy.

This boy's personality is really starting to shine at age 2. That's right SHINE. Not scare the bejeezus out of me. The picture above reminds me of how much he's grown in the recent months. I just happen to catch him in the air. He's our brave and adventurous one. He's becoming more and more independent and demanding to do things "myself". But on the same token, he gives me at least a million cuddles, hugs and kisses a day. He's affectionate. He's learning to stand his own with his much bigger brother that can tend to boss. He's learned to hold on to toys with a death grip while screaming "mine" at the top of his lungs. I'm pretty sure the purpose of the screaming is just to call me in for reinforcements. But don't judge him. He has to do this or that older brother will rip the toy from his hands. We're working on that. This baby boy we brought home at almost 3 weeks. I worried about him bonding to us because we missed those first moments of his life and he was in the care of 2 others before he came to us. Well, let's just say he's bonded to me like super glue. The older he gets, the sweeter he becomes. He has compassion and concern for others. He's quick to say "sorry", even if he's not the one to blame. Yesterday, I mentioned that I didn't feel well. He told me "saw-wee mommy". He plays well with others. He's patient. He's most often happy and content with his circumstances. He loves to run and play chase. He's clumsy. And after every fall (which is several a day) he lets everyone know that he is ok, by looking around and saying "K." He's getting so big! And the more of his personality I see developing, the more I can see myself in him. (Including the clumsy part.)

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