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Friday, October 29, 2010

1st pumpkin carving.

Sunday night, after returning home from our weekend out of town, we wanted to relax. And we decided to do a little pumpkin carving with the boys. I remember doing this 1 other time with Jeremy. And I remembered while I did a silly faced jack-o-lantern, he did this intricate design:

I was impressed. So I left the pumpkin carving up to Jeremy. Besides, I'm not good with knives. Sometimes I injure myself. So me carving a pumpkin is just asking for it. I did make myself useful by roasting the pumpkin seeds, which are still in our kitchen because none of us have really loved them. And I was also the face behind the camera, per usual, documenting more memories for our boys! We gave Holden some options for different images that he wanted Jeremy to carve. He chose a cat (or commonly called titty-tat) on a moon. And so Jeremy got to work on it. And of course, the boys "helped".

Holden wanted no part in touching the inside of the pumpkin to clean it out. So he just watched.

And look at that adorable little pumpkin. Goodness, I find him pretty sweet!

And the end result (picture taken with my phone):

Not too shabby, I think. Jeremy's got some mad carving skills. :) Just one of his many many talents.


The Neaves' said...

Cute! We carved ours last night. I found a really good recipe for pumpkin seeds and made them this am! They are delish if you're interested in giving them another shot! I was skeptical at first but they kinda remind me of chex mix!

Missed you guys sunday! Are y'all going to the service yhi Sunday? Time?

Misty said...

So...who enjoyed this more??? The boys or daddy?

Cute pictures. Jeremy looks very focused while craving the pumpkin.

The Myers said...

Wow! Very impressive. Looks like lots of fun. Hope y'all have a good weekend. Can't wait to see more pics of that sweet elephant and his peanut. :)

Bonky's Mom said...

Quite impressive!

everyday graces said...

Wow! Looks great!

Colin wants to carve a pumpkin but I'm hoping he'll forget. Aren't I horrible?