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Thursday, October 13, 2011

requesting a photo shoot

Recently, and randomly, Holden has been requesting that I take he and Pax's picture together. It's normally if I draw attention to what they are wearing on a particular day. This week, they sported their Halloween tees and camo pants. Now I really wanted them to have the opposite shirts, but size-wise, we had to go with this.
You see, Pax is a momma's boy, so I wanted him in the grey shirt. And well, honestly, Holden can be a terror, so I wanted him in the orange one. But it didn't work. At least Pax can wear the grey one in a couple of years. I'm hopeful he'll still be a momma's boy. :)

This morning on the way out of the house to head to school, Holden thought they needed another picture taken together. I dressed them matching today. When we first brought home Pax as a newborn, I thought I would do this often. A year later, Jeremy vetoed that idea. Which was fine. I was over it. But they both received these shirts for their birthdays, from 2 different people. And even though we may not love to dress them as twinkies, I'm pretty sure they love matching one another. Because when they are dressed alike, Holden starts running around the house like the Tazmanian Devil. Is it weird that my 3 year old LOVES clothes?! I may have rubbed off on him there. So today, they were twinkies. Until they got home and Pax dumped yogurt all over his shirt.
And this picture was not requested, but just thought I would share it anyways. Could this boy get anymore relaxed! He's just a pretty laid back fella. He was watching a little Dora on our bed, while Holden continued to nap. And yes, that's a tattoo on his leg. The boys wanted one right where daddy has one of his. :) Oh to be like daddy is the goal!

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will + adri said...

I really hope that my kids love to be photographed! I have my doggies trained - they pose when the camera comes out. Hopefully I can work that magic on the kiddos!