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Monday, October 10, 2011

So far in October

On the first day of October, I witnessed a beautiful friend's beautiful wedding. Our sitter came to the house and Jeremy and I headed to the other side of the metro for a night out. And more importantly to celebrate the special couple. I sat misty-eyed as I watched her marry her prince. There is just something about weddings . . .
I even got to kick off my heels and do a little half-step action with my own prince. I vaguely remember Amarillo by Morning playing, but for a brief 10 minutes, I felt 20 again. And following his lead felt just the same as it did 10+ years ago. So that was fun. :)

With the cooler weather, we've been spending lots of time outside, especially in the mornings. The boys love riding in the jogging stroller, so I've been taking them for 3-4mile walks on most days that we are home. They will sit for an hour (or more if I would continue) while I push the 60 plus pounds. They people watch, bird watch, and tree and plant watch. We chat about the weather, the ABCs, the airplanes, jets and helicopters overhead, and sing some of their favorite songs. It's one of the best parts of my day. It doesn't hurt that I'm getting a little exercise in.
And we are continuing with our school stuff at home, which has been amazing. I'm not claiming that they have learned anything or are becoming smarter. But the focussed time on intentional activties delight my 2 little boys. So of course that delight rubs off on me as well. I know I've mentioned this all before. Today we talked about the letter F, which included Frogs, Fish, Finger painting and Funny Faces. These boys found finger painting to be a blast. Pax learned that it doesn't taste all that good. ;) But I guess to him, it was worth a try. And now I have 2 masterpieces to frame for our playroom. Which is about to get a facelift of it's own.

I'm loving the season. Loving the weather. Loving October.


The Skains Family said...

Love this! So good seeing you and Jeremy at the wedding. You also don't look much different than you did 10 years ago. That's good too!

Kierstin said...

I love your new Blog Design! It's beautiful! I reading the stories about your boys!

Lindsey said...

Melodie, your blog looks so pretty! Sounds like fun happenings at your household. Your boys are adorable!