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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fair Fun!

I recently landed 2 free tickets to the state fair of Texas. When I casually mentioned it to Jeremy, he quickly decided that it should be a family event. You see I was thinking about giving them away to someone that wanted them. But my dear husband really wanted them. I remember going to our last state fair (and my ONLY up until Friday!!), in OKC, during our pre-kid era. On that day, we both decided that we weren't "fair people". That's right. Just like I'm not a "zoo person". But this time taking the boys ended up being a treat for us all. Unfortunately, I pretty sure we spent a small fortune. I thought the boys would ride a couple of rides, eat some lunch, pet some animals, people watch and we'd leave. But after riding 2 rides, Holden was hooked. And apparently Jeremy wasn't going to be the one to disappointment. So he just kept returning money stealer and getting more tickets so they could ride more. Sadly we forgot our camera, so we took pictures with Jeremy's phone all day. Warning: the quality is pretty terrible.
This one might be the worst one, but we had to get a picture with Big Tex. Later when we were on the other side of the park, Holden asked "where is that big boy?" It just made us laugh that he called him a "big boy".
It was alot of fun watching them participate together, side by side, like little buddies. I'm witnessing a friendship blossom more and more as Pax catches up to his big brother in his communication and other develpoments. And it's a really cool thing.
My little farm boys! This was one of the coolest little areas for little ones. I was so glad that we did this. They "worked" on the farm. Fed the animals, drove the tractor, milked the cown, and at the end, earned a dollar and then purchased a snack from their store. They loved it!

I'm so glad Jeremy pushed me to give the fair another chance. I mean, how did I even live in Texas for 22 years and NOT go to the State Fair? I have no idea. But the boys loved it and it made for a great family day.

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~The Neaves Nest~ said...

So glad you gave it a chance:) I'm thinking next fall a trip to the zoo with the fams is in order! You can give it another chance, right?