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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paci-less around here.

Well, today we took the last 2 pacifiers from our home and they went into the trash at Target. We did this same exact thing with Holden shortly after he turned 2 and it wasn't the least bit emotional for me. This time it brought a little emotion. Don't get me wrong, I felt like Pax was ready. Of course, he loves his pacis for nap and nighttime. They have just always been there for him during his sleep times. But we had been talking it up for the past week. Through those conversations, he acted like it was no big deal and he was ready to be a big boy. So it definitely seemed like he was ready, but I wasn't sure about myself. Last time we did this we had another baby in the house. So we still had pacis and bottles and all that baby jazz. So it just felt a little different this time. But I'm not going to be one to hold my kiddos back from accomplishments. So despite the little pull on my heart to keep him a baby, we pushed forward. After church, we headed to Target. Holden and Jeremy went one direction to grab some things we needed for home while Pax and I headed for the toys. After strolling down each aisle, he found a "choo-choo" that looked like fun. So we headed to the check-out with our prize. He had his 2 pacis in a ziplock bag and he tried to take one last suck through the plastic, which made me laugh a little. Then he handed his baggie to the cashier to "pay" for his new toy. And off we went. As we left he told me, "pacis gone-gone". And that they are! There will be no turning back. Jeremy has been dreading this day, telling me how much harder it will be for Pax. I've disagreed, telling him that he's just forgotten how addicted Holden was at age 2. I'm hoping to be right on this one. For now, he is sleeping soundly for his afternoon nap. He went down without any tears. A very similar reaction to Holden. We'll see if it continues to go this smoothly. Either way, I'm proud of my little boy who, without hesitation, took a big step in growing up today. And here he is showing off his prize.
Now, if only we could rid ourselves of the diapers around here. :)


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

He's sure proud of that choo choo!!

Daysha said...

Great job Pax and Melodie!!

The Skains Family said...

Aww, good job Pax... and mommy too!

The Everharts said...

we have a similar post coming! and i feel ya on the diapers!