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Monday, October 18, 2010

the tradition lives on . . .

So for many years now, we spend 2 weekends a year with the Myers. Normally fall and spring. I've blogged about it religously: here, here, here and here. See? We're committed. Last fall didn't happen because we moved to our temporary apartment in October and it was just a crazy time. But that's been our only skip in I don't know how many years! We started this tradition pretty quickly after college when we moved away to Oklahoma. Now we are in the same metro area, but not next door neighbors (now that would be fun!). We're still over an hour away from one another. And even though we see them more often now: a playdate here and there, a dinner every now and then, a golf game for the boys ever so often; a full weekend has it's perks. Which often include a little mexican food and margaritas, shopping for the ladies, golf for the boys, great conversations and the infamous marbles game. And about the marbles game, even though the tally marks show the boys are spanking our tails (Amanda, I think we can finally admit it!), I am still completely addicted to that game. And Amanda and I are pretty sure that Josh and Jeremy win most of the time for 2 reasons. Either 1) they are cheating because we aren't paying close attention. Or 2) the latter part of that sentence. We just aren't paying close attention. We are yacking it up through the entire game. So fun!
Anyways, we are continuing our tradition because these weekends are some of my favorites throughout each year. They are special friends. Not to mention that these friends are becoming special people in Holden's life (and soon will be to Pax as well). Holden knows them now and he loves miss Camryn. And so I love that our children will probably grow up being friends, and most likely looking forward to these weekends as much as we do! Some pictures from our weekend at the Myers house:

Our family on a hayride at a little nearby Pumpkin Patch. I know. The boys look ultra-enthused. More from the Pumpkin Patch!
And from the fun little shops in Allen on Saturday evening:

And the only picture I have of the Myers. Well, the Myers minus Amanda. Josh with my crazy boys. And Camryn looking at them like they really are crazy!

Thanks for having us. We loved every minute!

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The Myers said...

Awe! We had such a fun time too! So glad we're still getting together. We cherish these times and love y'all so much!